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Considering all the parameters that go in to finding a candidate who can affect a significant change in user behavior is something Harnham pride ourselves on.

What makes this role particularly challenging is the degree of accuracy you need to have in order to report back to stakeholders.

Harnham instinctively know what to look out for in the right candidates, and how to deliver time and time again. We have a data base of candidates who know just how important it is to think beyond the norm.

We understand how critical the fluctuation in visitor satisfaction is to a business’ bottom line, and can help you solve the challenge of hiring experienced and qualified personnel to keep on top of SEO, Google, CRT.

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Social, Fashion, And The Data Analytics Journey

Customers are more discerning than ever when it comes to where, how, and what they’re buying. With the rise of social media and video marketing, these real time decisions are creating real time insights. As trust declines in traditional media and advertising, it’s the Influencers who are now center stage. Combining stunning imagery and aspirational lifestyles, it is their sponsored posts that are informing an entire generation’s decisions, giving the fashion world invaluable insights regarding the future of retail.  From lowering costs to highlighting the right talent, as well as offering insights into supply chain processes, social media is bringing another aspect to the customer journey. As the need for Data Scientists and Digital Analysts grows, so too does the need for those who can offer both technical AND soft skills. The demand for creative talent within Digital Analytics is growing. We’ve talked about how data teams are no longer siloed and are now integrated with marketing and sales teams, and the industries Big Data effects from the boardroom to the stockroom. Showing Your Creative Side Video marketing is king in 2018 and, if it can work for brands, it can work for you. As more and more people use their mobile phones to research key decisions, including when hiring, mobile video and broadcast-style content is one of the most effective ways of engaging your audience.We’ve already talked about how to boost your resume with video in a previous article, let’s quickly revisit two of our key points:Appearance: It takes less than ten seconds to make a first impression. Professional dress, a smile, and lighting are all important areas to help you set the stage for your video.Script:  Working with a short script helps you stay on track and focus on key points. It also makes it easy for hiring managers or recruitment agencies to follow along. Whether your video is you talking to camera, or a slideshow of your work, it is important to cover these key points: Explain why you’re the best person for the job.Show how your skills and expertise can help them solve their problems. Use engagement metrics as evidence for your successes. Keep your video short. Anywhere from a 30-second elevator pitch to a 2-minute in-depth video.  HOW AI Can Help When utilizing date to enhance a customer’s experience, it is crucial to maintain the essentials of customer service; be human, helpful, and relevant. We don’t want someone looking at a pair tennis shoes to be shown an image of stilettos. Thankfully, with the use of AI and predictive analytics, they’re likely be shown an image of tennis shirt or racquet they might want to purchase along with the shoes. AI continuously learns to upsell and add value. These days, we are a visual society, taking bite-sized moments of our day in video clips and imagery. Because of this, we’ve seen an increase in visual search engines using machine learning to search by images rather than keywords.   This data, alongside what we can learn from Social, offers a unique look at what consumers are interested in. It is a valuable source of customer intelligence, and by applying it to a business’ challenges, we can leverage the information to influence and inform. What we learn can then help solve those challenges or offer feedback regarding product development. The number of people consuming fashion through social media is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2020, with Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube leading the way. Images help bring consumers into a brand’s story, particularly in the world of fashion. And as, virtual reality, augmented reality, and wearable tech allow for real time researching, sizing, and virtual trying-on of products, as well as instant feedback from friends, fans, and family, the industry needs to move faster than ever.   Want to influence one of the fastest growing and spirited fashion brands and help drive global initiatives? We may have a role for you. We’re in search of a Director, Digital Analytics – Fashion Brand in San Francisco.  Want to learn more or check out our current vacancies? For the West Coast team call us at (415) 614-4999 or email us at

How AI Is Dissolving Borders In Healthcare

Millennium Park. The Chicago Bean. Wrigley Field. Windy City. Second City. Chicago is known and named for many things, and soon it’s emergence as an international hub for innovation will join the ranks. Considered one of the best places in the country for tech jobs growth, the Midwest pragmatism of Chicago offers the best of both worlds –a small-town feel in a big city, and a culture of innovation. With numerous tech giants, such as Salesforce, Google and Orbitz, already in place, Chicago is now leading digital transformation of the healthcare industry. A city that prides itself on attracting no-nonsense leaders, and built around a culture of hard work, dedication, and a motivation for disruption, it is the natural location for the data-led problem solving required to revolutionize healthcare in the US. AI As A Partner In HealthCare The American health care system is an unwieldy tangle of structures and processes, but with the help of technologies such as Electronic Health Records (HER), digitized machines, and now AI, the focus is evolving to place a greater emphasis on the end user. Whether they be a doctor, clinician, or patient, the goal is the same – to provide better care; faster. However, because of AI’s use of machine learning and NLP, around eighty percent of health executives believe this technology is advancing faster than its adoption. As these abilities evolve, leaders need to ensure that patient data is secure, and they are transparent about how it is being used. More than a technological tool, AI is now a part of the healthcare workforce. Working as collaborator, trusted advisor, and coworker, it will soon have as much influence as the people putting it to use. It is opening virtual borders using algorithms to diagnose patient wounds via smartphone, allowing remote monitoring of elderly patients, and helping to digitally verify a patient’s insurance information – no more form duplication or being asked the same questions over and over again. Insights afforded by AI and the tech industry can help doctors and caretakers make more informed decisions that could mean the difference between life and death, whilst also blurring the lines between business and personal. This is where extended reality (XR) comes in. XR technologies provide a bridge to connect people, places, and information, uniting the physical and digital worlds. Enabling a consultation with an elderly patient in a rural setting, a nurse to use a vein finder to insert an IV on the first try, or a surgical resident to practice surgery in a virtual setting at home, the possibilities are endless - intelligent tech can be used to deliver informed, efficient, and personalized care. Insights For End-User Engagement Over eighty percent of health executives worry their organizations are not prepared for the ramifications of these technological advancements. However, being able to explain their decisions based on AI information can be critical, and the need to ensure trust, safety, and compliance is paramount for success. If the digital transformation of creative health systems is able to engage the end user of the technology properly, then its impact will be far greater and its adoption inevitable . If you’re a pragmatic, problem-solver who’s interested how data can evolve the healthcare industry, we may have a role for you. A globally recognized health organization is searching for a Director Data Analytics & Strategy in Chicago. You’ll help to drive data strategy within the organization, define best practices, evaluate programs, build insight roadmaps for customer data insights, and more. For more information on this role or to explore wider opportunities.

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