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The 4 Ps Of LinkedIn

When it comes to searching for a new role, it is common practice to put endless hours into researching potential companies, drafting CVs and rehearsing your interview answers in front of the mirror.
As intensive and possibly excessive as this may sound, this is exactly what should be done and will no doubt be a huge factor in landing your dream role.

In my experience, the use of social media is one element of job hunting that is commonly overlooked, and using it to job hunt should and does, extend to more than just setting your Facebook profile to private.

69% of employers admit to rejecting applicants after looking at Facebook and other social media platforms; due to inappropriate photographs and posts.

It has never been more important to make sure you are using social media to your advantage.
Though there are a plenty of social networks I could comment on, LinkedIn is arguably the best for professionals to get noticed, hired, and search for positions themselves.

With stats like this it is important you make the right first impression on LinkedIn.


The most critical action to take is to complete your profile. Everything from adding a picture to filling in your employment timeline will help you get noticed. Listing your key skills alone will boost your profile views by over 13 times and in data and analytics this is never more important, as one of the hottest skills hired last year across all industries was “statistical analysis”.
In contrast, from a contract worker perspective, LinkedIn is severely overlooked. It is important to highlight in your profile you are looking for contract work, for companies who need to bridge interim skill gaps.

2. Participate

The real purpose of any social network is to engage in conversations and debates. Through selective engagement with groups and posts on LinkedIn, your profile will be elevated and highlighted to key decision makers in your network.

3 . People

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of expanding your professional network. Whether you do this through LinkedIn, conferences, meet-up’s etc the more people you know, the more you learn and the more decision makers you meet!

4. Profile

LinkedIn is a great pool of information about a company’s culture, values and job vacancies you can apply for directly from your profile; which is why my first point expressing the importance of preparing your profile serves you in good stead.

These are just 4 out of several ways LinkedIn can raise your profile and help you in your job search. I hope you can take away a few of these points and that they help you in securing your next opportunity!

Recruiting within data and analytics, I see the competition that there is for roles and good candidates. Has your LinkedIn profile and subsequent activity given you that competitive edge? Let me know.

 Tim Evans
 Tim Evans LinkedIn