Tech For Good: Social Impact Platforms That Are Making A Positive Difference | Harnham Recruitment post

Tech is good in so many ways – it gives agency to people, affords them freedoms and helps them to make more informed choices. Tech creates ways for people to connect and participate, and can help us address health and social needs, save energy, and make available life-saving information. Tech can bring people together to make a positive difference within communities, help alleviate poverty, improve education, and support wellbeing. Supported in the UK by social impact investment, which has risen from £830M in 2011 to £5.1bn in 2019 and schemes such as Big Society Capital, social impact platforms have exploded over the last decade to become the fastest-growing category of social business according to a recent report from the Global Impact Investing Network. As a result, digital transformation is affecting every sector of business, so much so, that digitally transformed organisation are forecast to contribute to more than half of global GDP by 2023. Because digital transformation can, and will, change the way we both work and live in the future, scaleups and organisations dedicated to solving some of the planets biggest problems are ready to engage the services of great tech talent.Off the back of COP 26 and with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind, take a look at some of the leading social impact platforms built and maintained by creative tech teams that are helping to solve some of society’s most pressing problems. Business supporting local communityNeighbourly is a UK social platform that helps businesses deliver meaningful and sustainable community investment into thousands of locations across the UK and Ireland. A market-leading CSR platform that serves some of the world’s biggest companies and supports thousands of local good causes to improve lives and habitats, it is a place where responsible businesses can both fulfil their CSR initiates and witness the social impact of their actions at a grassroots level. Social Media for Social Good ImpactWayv is a social media platform focused on social good, designed to be a healthier and more meaningful alternative to existing social networking sites. Built to drive collective impact across causes and communities, the social platform is an entirely new kind of digital ecosystem enabling users to engage, share in and effect social impact on a global scale, democratising social impact for all.Investors supporting Climate Change ClimateWorks Foundation is a US-based non-profit that brings together businesses and investors in support of a low-carbon, climate-resilient global economy. Millions are affected by extreme climate events every year. According to the World Bank, money that went up in flames due to natural disasters equates to almost 3% of global GDP.Chefs feeding the WorldAfrica Eats is a non-profit that connects established restaurants across the globe with chefs and entrepreneurs in Africa to leverage partnerships to help solve food poverty while at the same time creating jobs. According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN 1 in 9 people is at risk of going hungry so by providing a platform where those in the food industry can help solve this issue, has great potential globally.Software Engineers, talented developers and computer programmers are all integral to the future of digital integration and building systems and infrastructures that support tech for good.By working together and employing purposeful data initiatives, businesses, communities, and individuals have the ability to create a brighter future for everybody, globally. If you are a Software Engineer with a keen interest in tech for good, take a look at our latest Software Engineer jobs.

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