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Staff Charity Days

My Charity Day by Sarah Hobbs

Tower 42 Vertical Rush Challenge

“Yes, please – how hard can it be?” was the naïve initial thought in my head when initially asked to join Harnham’s team of Tower Runners and take part in the 2015 Vertical Rush challenge.

For those not already familiar, a Tower Run is basically a sprint up a skyscraper; Vertical Rush takes place at Tower 42 in the City, and each runner’s challenge is to conquer the 932 steps to the 42nd floor.

Several weeks of “training” later, and our team of five was fit, primed and raring to go; at least we were until the point when we first spotted the looming building before us, and had to crane our necks to view the top!

Tower 42 view from the ground

The nerves started to kick in at the pre-event briefing: Were we fit enough? Would we fall over? Had we done enough training? (How do you train for a Tower Run, anyway?!) And then we were off, spaced at four second intervals.

It was all a bit of a blur in the end; a flurry of legs pumping and lots of heavy breathing; endless staircases round and round; pain in the legs and breathlessness; and the continuing thought of “why have we put ourselves through this torture!!”
7 minutes and 26 seconds later, and I’d reached the top, closely followed by the rest of the team, all of us looking red-faced and out of breath, coughing and spluttering, but all relieved that it was over.

The Tower 42 Run Team

Short and sweet it definitely wasn’t; brief yet gruelling would be a better description. But, as with all the Harnham fund-raising events, it’s all about benevolence and giving to good causes. We were therefore delighted to hand over a cheque to Shelter for just short of £2,000, to help homeless families in Britain; it was very much worth all the pain and effort.

My Charity Day by Georgina Howell

Each year everyone at Harnham is given one Charity Day to use as we wish and give back to the community. This year I spent mine at Avon Riding Centre for the disabled in Bristol.

The day started very differently to my average day in the office as I walked in to the stables and met 27 very chilled out and surprisingly quiet horses. That wasn’t to be a sign of things to come however, as by lunch time we had already filled hay bags, cleaned water troughs and polished saddles and bridles to within an inch of their life.

After lunch we trekked across fields and steered various horses back into the right places ready to start grooming them for their fundraising show that evening. My favourite part of the day was definitely shampoo-ing a very small horse aptly named “Tiny”. He wasn’t so sure about having his coat cleaned and we both ended up equally as soaked!

Although tiring, the day went very quickly and it was great to give back to a cause who makes so many young riders and their families happy every day.