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Sandown Go Karting Challenge

Daytona Go Kart Challenge Diary by Joe Gibbs, Recruitment Consultant

Imagine the thrill of racing down the straight of a 1km race track in a twin-engined go-kart. Your backside is only centimetres off the tarmac and your right foot is pushing you along at speeds of over 45 mph.

On a warm evening in May the whole team headed out to Sandown for a night of Go-Karting, an event which was sure to bring out the competitive nature in everybody. Some consultants had been in training for weeks and some had never been behind the wheel of a car but when it was time to get in the cars it was anybody’s race. 

A few of the early front-runners went off quickly and it looked like the race was won until the red flags were waved and everyone was stopped. Whispers went around the track of a big crash, and everyone looked around to see who was missing. It turned out that our Managing Partner had been attempting an audacious overtaking move and run out of talent - causing him to drive head first into a wall of tires.

Conversation quickly turned to whether his confused state may mean it was a good time to ask for a pay rise, but alas he crawled from the wreckage of his go-kart, pulled it back to the track and promptly won the race, much to the despair of our very own Stig (Sam) who felt that there must have been some foul play involved...

Drinks in the bar followed an adrenaline fuelled race and the chat of who will win next time is already getting progressively more competitive! .