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Maximise your recruitment process


When hiring candidates in Data and Analytics you will experience many of the trials Recruitment and HR professionals do in other sectors. However taking in to account the large skills gap and demand in the UK, here are some tips that might help:

  • Most successful recruitment processes are the quick ones which retain all the quality and filters needed but executed on the same day or at least week.
  • Realising that as one of our clients puts it, ‘candidates with good SAS are like yoghurt...they have a ‘hire buy’ date and then they are off the shelf or market.
  • You may have a strong brand name behind you and a great salary and package. But so have lots of other companies all looking for the same candidates you are. If you like someone get them off the market quickly.
  • Days of interviews. Organise for all your decision makers to be available for a day and get candidates in for 2- 3hrs to see everyone they need to. Good candidates will not be on the market for more than 10 days in our experience.
  • Organise screening interviews on the telephone so initial interview can be conducted as soon as possible and where candidates are not quite right they haven’t taken hours of your time arranging and conducting face to face interviews and testing.
  • Test your candidates! Any one can say they are a great SAS Analyst with amazing model building skills, prove it!!


<< By Kat Heague >>

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