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As the leading digital analytics and analytics recruiter, it is our job to be a part of the computing community, and support its growth and development. At Harnham, we have avidly tracked the commercialisation of machine learning jobs, and we don’t see that slowing down.

How to construct algorithms that can learn, and make predictions or judgements on data is the next logical step to automate the tasks that consume so much of our time. Machine learning roles are integral to most computing tasks where pattern and recognition interpretation is key.

Life Long Learning

Increasing numbers of common all garden applications such as search engines, rely on the advancements of machine learning to progress and deliver the kind of personalisation, deep learning and predictive analytics data, brands and end-users alike have come to expect as standard.

Those with the skills and understanding of data mining, and statistical pattern recognition etc. to create programs and algorithms which can solve the problems of big brands with ever increasing accuracy and logic, will be exposed to limitless career progression.

Over the past decade Harnham have placed many candidates in roles where they have a direct impact on how society interacts with passive intuitive IT solutions.

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