Web Analytics Manager - Adobe Analytics

Los Angeles, California
US$100000 - US$120000 per year

Web Analytics Manager - Adobe Analytics
Los Angeles, CA


An exciting opportunity to join a challenger agency that specialize in digital marketing and customer acquisition. They have a rapidly growing analytics team that are looking to hire an Analytics Manager to be their in-house Adobe Analytics expert who can advise internal and external stakeholders on all things Adobe.


  • Working directly with clients across a wide range of industries from both business & technical-centric roles.
  • Translating business goals into technical requirements & ensuring streamlined communication across both internal & external teams.
  • Diving deep into Adobe Analytics & providing insights to help grow organizations on a recurring basis
  • Working with the Engineering & Data Science teams to extract data and develop optimization insights to share with clients
  • Auditing existing analytics implementations and writing measurement strategy documents
  • Responsible for overseeing a full client book of business & ensuring ongoing service retention


  • 4-5 years of hands-on experience working inside of the Adobe Experience Cloud, with a focus on Adobe Analytics & Audience Manager.
  • 2-3 years of working with clients and/or reporting measurement insights to Marketing stakeholders within an organization.
  • Strong understanding of Tag Management platforms - especially Dynamic Tag Management (although no development experience is required).
  • Strong knowledge of the Digital Marketing space, including Programmatic, Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO & general Digital Marketing strategy.
  • Experience visualizing data to communicate analysis with stakeholders in Analysis Workspace, Tableau, DOMO, Google Data Studio, or other visualization platforms.
  • The ability to know your way around a spreadsheet - beyond simple data input, you're well versed when it comes to intermediate data analysis.
  • Experience connecting online & offline data sets within the Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Working experience with Google Suite
  • Experience developing custom code within Dynamic Tag Management
  • Experience working within Google or Facebook Analytics


The successful Analytics Manager can expect a salary of $100-120k plus a comprehensive benefits package.


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Marketing Analyst, Analyst, Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, SQL, Agency, Digital, SEO, Tableau, DoubleClick, Coremetrics, A/B testing, Social Media, Data, Digital Analytics, Digital Analytics, Media, Online Media, Offline Media, TV

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Los Angeles, California
US$100000 - US$120000 per year
  1. Permanent
  2. Web Analyst

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Web analytics recruitment in 2015

Web analytics recruitment in 2015

The UK analytics market is an ever-shifting landscape, with technical skills that flit in and out of favour more frequently than primary school playground friendships. Recruiting into this market, we at Harnham find the demand for analysts with up-to-date skill sets is a constant. The subtle variants required within these skill-sets coupled with the proficiencies we need to find, seem to also evolve on almost a monthly basis. This means that Harnham need to be as agile in our practices as the candidates we source.  This is nevermore clearly illustrated by the fact that one month we can be scouring the country for highly technical Tag Management specialists, and the next, our focus shifts to sourcing 8 new Conversion Rate Optimisation specialists. Moving on to next month, pinning down the elusive and much sought-after Web Analytics / BI / Computer Science / Statistical modelling expert (aka. The mythical “Analytics Unicorn”). The Benefit of Forward Thinking Skillsets The diversity of technical requirements should give tremendous encouragement to any analyst looking to find work – regardless of background and skill-set you possess; there will definitely be no shortage of suitors clamouring for the right expertise. However, it is prudent to be ever mindful, that with this exciting and evolving landscape, there are also risks attached. How often have you heard stories of promised roles not being fulfilled by companies? Or about analysts who join a company to do a specific job, and then have their career development curtailed by lack of long-term strategy, or a lack of knowledge of what to do next for the team? This kind of thing is and does happen regularly. Yet, hope is at hand. If you were to cast your gaze across the Atlantic Ocean to our American cousins, you would find that Analytics is a settled and well established practice, where Chief Data Officers regularly sit on the board and the Analysts control business strategy. Becoming a Unicorn Harnham’s team in New York City have found the lines between offline and online blur when stateside – Web Analysts do advanced statistical analysis and modelling, Stats Analysts measure conversion rates and so on and so on.  The US is trying to breed their own “Unicorns”, rather than chase them. As the dust starts to settle in the UK, and the market definition solidifies to become as robust as it is in the States; teams will grow and budgets will increase as the market develops. The senior analysts of today will become the thought leaders and managers of tomorrow.


How Programmatic Is Revolutionising Advertising

With consumerism on the rise, and a drastic shift away from traditional avenues of advertising, the use of Digital Marketing and the demand for business to become more technically ‘savvy’ is continuously increasing. The extent of different digital media channels in the advertising space, as well as the recent evolution of approaches such as Programmatic Advertising, has caused confusion as to which approach is the best for businesses to adopt and for well versed Digital Marketers to reflect on what their next career step should be.  Irrespective, Programmatic is such a buzzword within the market at present and is widely predicted to become the future of display advertising. Despite this, many have a lack of understanding as to what it actually is. Whether you are looking for a career change or to embed Programmatic into your marketing strategy, here are some considerations: Defining Programmatic  Programmatic advertising is the automated process of bidding for advertising inventory to allow for the opportunity to display a relevant advert to the desired consumer in real time.  At a basic level, parties from the ‘supply’ side of programmatic will sell an impression referred to as ‘audience ‘inventory’ through a Supply Side Platform. Facilitated by the ad exchange, such inventory is shared with advertisers who have submitted their desired audience preference through a Demand Side Platform. Within this online, automated marketplace, all advertisers will bid within the auction and the highest ‘bidder’ will then win each impression. The advertiser, typically a media agency or in house team of specialists, will begin to target users through Programmatic Ads that can be online or Out Of Home (OOH). Redefining your advertising strategy  With pre-existing modes of marketing such as, newspapers, radio, TV and, more recently, social media and paid search; it is worth considering the additional ways in which Programmatic advertising can benefit your business. Rather than utilising Data-driven ‘trial and testing’ methods to assess what will attract audiences to your site, Programmatic advertising uses a personalised approach by only targeting users who have expressed an interest in specific products or services. The automated process of identifying target users enables this to be a lot less manual than traditional modes of advertising. As a result, this will save your business time and unnecessary resources dedicated to Predictive Analysis, which will particularly benefit smaller businesses who may have a limited marketing budget.  Programmatic advertising is also not just limited to online. The development of OOH has revolutionised the power, audience reach and impact of this long-standing method of advertising, allowing it to “bring data into the physical world” on a mass scale.  As well as delivering a single ad to the right user at the best time, Programmatic advertising can enable your business to target hundreds of relevant consumers based on their online activity and location. This form of audience targeting is still incredibly new to the marketplace and is continuing to expand. By 2021, it is anticipated that Programmatic will further bridge the gap between digital and offline media by programmatically purchasing tv adverts; representing approximately one third of global ad revenue. The future of advertising careers If you are looking for a long-term career within advertising, Programmatic is a great route to gain exposure within, given that it already dominates the industry, and looks set to continue to.  Due to such high demand and the lack of quality candidates within the market, Programmatic specialists are incredibly desired and retained by employers. As such, businesses are consistently searching for more talent within their team. Once onboard, they often invest heavily in training, personal development and internal progression.  There is often a misconception that Programmatic is not scientific, however, specialists often sit in Data teams and utilise Analytics software or Data Visualisation tools daily; extracting and manipulating Data. Server-side scripting is also a huge part of the role; if an ad is not displaying on a site suitably, the Programmatic team will be required to dive into the JavaScript or HTML code to troubleshoot the issue.  So, if you are looking for a Data-led vertical of advertising, Programmatic is a great career path. However, the supply and demand side are kept very separate due to the difference in tools utilised. Transitioning between the two can be incredibly problematic, especially further into your career so, if you are looking into a specific route, make sure you are making an informed decision. If Programmatic sales, inventory analysis and yield optimisation are appealing, the publisher side could be a great route. Alternatively, if setting up and monitoring campaigns or segmenting audience Data is of interest, I would advise starting agency side. Whether you’re looking to venture into a new aspect of digital media or require specialist talent within your team, we can help. Take a look at our latest opportunities or get in touch with myself at francescaharris@harnham.com to find out more.

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