Lead BI & Data Visualization Consultant

McLean, Virginia
US$140000 - US$160000 per year

Lead BI & Data Visualization Consultant
Mclean, Virginia
$140,000 - $160,000 + Benefits

A globally renowned defense company who are dedicated to creating a safer world while keeping the public at the core of all decision making is looking for a passionate Lead BI & Data Visualization expert who has experience working in a big data environment to focus on building 3D interactive dashboards using Cesium/Biodigital to engage a wide variety of users. You will work on cutting-edge, innovative and state of the art visualization projects to service the aviation industry, so if you consider yourself an expert in data visualization, are a US citizen are incredibly passionate about building and developing interactive dashboards, then this could be the next step in your career.

THE ROLE - Lead BI & Data Visualization Consultant

As the Lead BI & Data Visualization Consultant you will be responsible for creating engaging and interactive dashboards, ideally with 3D experience in Cesium or similar, as well as drawing together trillions of rows in data, transforming this into some of the most interactive and engaging dashboards for non-technical audiences to be able to answer their own vital questions in real-time. It is an opportunity to have a real-world impact, generate exciting insights and present to influential stakeholders within the aviation industry! As a Lead BI & Data Visualization expert your responsibilities will include:

  • Being the go-to consultant for combining trillions of rows of data from a variety of data sources using Python and SQL, building interactive visualizations and dashboards that allow the least-technical people in the aviation industry to easily engage with
  • Working very closely with stakeholders internally and externally to understand key business problems and design strategies to personalize reports and dashboards
  • Consolidating trillions of rows of data from multiple sources in real time, analyzing and generating actionable insight in Python and SQL, building dashboards in PowerBI/Tableau
  • Presenting to both internal stakeholders and external clients on findings regarding aviation projects and safety that will impact our lives
  • Creating and building state-of-the-art interactive visualizations in Tableau/PowerBI


  • Proven experience in building interactive and engaging dashboards in Tableau/PowerBI, ideally with the use Cesium and/or Biodigital for 3D visualizations
  • Experience working with large data sets, preferably trillions of rows
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to understand and personalize dashboards to engage audiences of all technical capabilities
  • Technical background in Python and SQL to mine and analyze large datasets


As a Lead BI & Data Visualization Consultant, you can expect to earn up to $160,000 (depending on experience), plus very lucrative benefits, including the opportunity to work on industry leading aviation projects, a pension and 401k match


Please register your interest by sending your resume to Jenni Kavanagh via the Apply link on this page


Cesium, Biodigital, BI, Data Visualization, Analyst, Analytics, ETL, Tableau, PowerBI, Consultant, Dashboards, Insight, Analysis, Python, SQL

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McLean, Virginia
US$140000 - US$160000 per year
  1. Permanent
  2. Business Intelligence

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The Search For Toilet Paper: A Q&A With The Data Society

We recently spoke Nisha Iyer, Head of Data Science, and Nupur Neti, a Data Scientist from Data Society.  Founded in 2014, Data Society consult and offer tailored Data Science training for businesses and organisations across the US. With an adaptable back-end model, they create training programs that are not only tailored when it comes to content, but also incorporate a company’s own Data to create real-life situations to work with.  However, recently they’ve been looking into another area: toilet paper.  Following mass, ill-informed, stock-piling as countries began to go into lockdown, toilet paper became one of a number of items that were suddenly unavailable. And, with a global pandemic declared, Data Society were one of a number of Data Science organisations who were looking to help anyway they could.  “When this Pandemic hit, we began thinking how could we help?” says Iyer. “There’s a lot of ways Data Scientists could get involved with this but our first thought was about how people were freaking out about toilet paper. That was the base of how we started, as kind of a joke. But then we realised we already had an app in place that could help.” The app in question began life as a project for the World Central Kitchen (WCK), a non-profit who help support communities after natural disasters occur.  With the need to go out and get nutritionally viable supplies upon arriving at a new location, WCK teams needed to know which local grocery stores had the most stock available.  “We were working with World Central Kitchen as a side project. What we built was an app that supposed to help locate resources during disasters. So we already had the base done.” The app in question allows the user to select their location and the products they are after. It then provides information on where you can get each item, and what their nutritional values are, with the aim of improving turnaround time for volunteers.  One of the original Data Scientists, Nupur Neti, explained how they built the platform: “We used a combination of R and Python to build the back-end processing and R Shiny to build the web application. We also included Google APIs that took your location and could find the closest store to you. Then, once you have the product and the sizes, we had an internal ranking algorithm which could rank the products selected based on optimisation, originally were based on nutritional value.”  The team figured that the same technology could help in the current situation, ranking based on stock levels rather than nutritional value. With an updated app, Iyer notes “People won’t have to go miles and stand in lines where they are not socially distancing. They’ll know to visit a local grocery store that does have what they need in stock, that they’ve probably not even thought of before.” However, creating an updated version presented its own challenges. Whereas the WCK app utilised static Data, this version has to rely on real-time Data. Unfortunately this isn’t as easy to come by, as Iyer knows too well:  “When we were building this for the nutrition app we reached out to groceries stores and got some responses for static Data. Now, we know there is real-time Data on stock levels because they’re scanning products in and out. Where is that inventory though? We don’t know.” After putting an article out asking for help finding live Data, crowdsourcing app OurStreets got in touch. They, like Data Society, were looking to help people find groceries in short supply. But, with a robust front and back-end in place, the app already live, and submissions flying in across the States, they were looking for a Data Science team who could make something of their findings.  “We have the opportunity,” says Iyer “to take the conceptual ideas behind our app and work with OurStreets robust framework to create a tool that could be used nationwide.” Before visiting a store, app users select what they are looking for. This allows them to check off what the store has against their expectations, as well as uploading a picture of what is available. They can also report on whether the store is effectively practising social distancing. Neti explains, that this Data holds lots of possibilities for their Data Science team: “Once we take their Data, our system will clean any submitted text using NLP and utilise image recognition on submitted pictures using Deep Learning. This quality Data, paired with the Social Distancing information, will allow us to gain better insights into how and what people are shopping for. We’ll then be able to look at trends, see what people are shopping for and where. Ultimately, it will also allow us to make recommendations as to where people should then go if they are looking for a product.”  In addition to crowdsourced information, Data Society are still keen to get their hands on any real-time Data that supermarkets have to offer. If you know where they could get their hands on it, you can get in touch with their team.  Outside of their current projects, Iyer remains optimistic for the world when it emerges from the current situation: “Things will return to normal. As dark a time as this is, I think it’s going to exemplify why people need to use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science more. If this type of app is publicised during the Coronavirus, maybe more people will understand the power of what Data and Data Science can do and more companies that are slow adaptors will see this and see how it could be helpful to their industry.”   If you want to make the world a better place using Data, we may have a role for you, including a number of remote opportunities. Or, if you’re looking to expand and build out your team with the best minds in Data, get in touch with one of expert consultants who will be able to advise on the best remote and long-term processes. 

Coronavirus Update: What to expect from Harnham

As we learn more about COVID-19, we want to inform you of the proactive measures Harnham have taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees, while continuing to provide the best possible service to you.  The majority of our service offering will be unaffected by the current situation. All staff are continuing to work remotely and are on hand to support you, although you may experience slight delays in communication or find our phone lines busy. In these instances, we'd ask that you contact the member of the Harnham team that you were last in contact with directly. If you need to find their details, you can contact them via their online profile. Alternatively, you can also contact us via our social media channels and directly via email to our main inbox (UK/EU and USA).  Our Operations and Technology team have been working around the clock over the past weeks to ensure that we are able to continue running processes virtually. This has ensured that we are able to provide our clients with virtual meeting spaces, alongside the opportunity to conduct video interviews and calls without the need for face to face interaction.  We are working with a number of businesses who are continuing to hire, supporting them as they begin putting in place alternative processes. We will be in contact with all candidates who are currently in any process to update on the current situation or any change to process.  If you are currently looking for a new role, all our open vacancies have been updated on our website which you can view here.  In the coming weeks our Marketing Team will be running a number of events such as webinars and online Q&A sessions. I would advise that if you are not already following us on Social Media (Twitter and LinkedIn), that you do so to ensure you don’t miss these. We are also working to provide a range of comprehensive guides covering the challenges that you may face in the current climate.  I’d also like to add, if you have yet to take part in the Harnham 2020 Salary Survey please take a moment to do so, we will be extending this for a further two weeks due to unprecedented demand. All those that take part will be the first to receive a copy of the report.  In the meantime, we're running as close to business as normal as we possibly can, and are still here to support you with any hiring or job-seeking needs. We hope that you are able to look after yourself through this trying time and we look forward to working closely together again when normality returns.  

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