Data Scientist - Computer Vision Research - £70,000

Up to £70000 per annum

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Senior Data Scientist - Computer Vision - Pattern Recognition - Startup

Central London

£70,000 + bonus + benefits + pension


My client are a specialist Computer Vision startup working on pattern recognition problems within a variety of industries.

Although the main portion of their work is within ecommerce and retail, they work like a tech startup and actively encourage advanced technological solutions. They have built up a strong list of prestigious clients over their time in the industry, and leverage these relationships to continue to work on a wide variety of interesting projects.


  • Work closely with talented Data Scientists
  • Build models from scratch based upon comprehensive live data sets
  • Work directly with the companies owner to make business critical decisions on a daily basis
  • Manage Data Scientists on projects from start to finish


The essential requirements of a Data Scientist in this role are:

  • Commercial Experience deploying ML algorithms
  • Specific knowledge within Computer Vision
  • Proven track record of delivering commercial returns
  • Strong knowledge and exposure to the latest Data Science techniques
  • Willingness to work entirely hands on using advanced ML techniques
  • Academic background in a scientific/quantitative/economic disciplines
  • Multiple years of coding experience in Python and use of ML toolkits
  • Strong communicator - ability to deliver complex data analysis to non-technical stakeholders


  • Flexible working
  • Strong startup benefits
  • Access to the latest tools and equipment
  • Competitive salary and bonus package
  • Convenient London location


Computer vision, image recognition, pattern recognition, openCV, C++, python, AWS, image, python, kaffe

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Up to £70000 per annum
  1. Permanent
  2. Data & Technology, Data Science

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Building community engagement – a key driver to women in data

Across the UK and throughout Europe, the data science field is booming. The role of data and data scientists is becoming business as usual as Big Data and Analytics enter the C-suite. London itself boasts more data scientist jobs than anywhere in the country, yet there remains a shortage of talent at over 50% of vacancies in the UK Market. The scarcity of junior roles and the high demand for work experience in the field, however, offer potential opportunities to growth. Though the shortage exists as a whole across the industry, the shortage of women in the field is less than 20%. However, it is estimated that if women filled the vacancies, the economy would see an additional £2.6bilion annually. The most desired soft skills in data science candidates are a mix of communication skills, an analytical mind-set, passion, dedication and confidence. Candidates must not only be able to gather and analyse data, but also to translate it to help business executives make informed decisions. Though women are still largely underrepresented in the STEM fields, there are growing trends to encourage girls and women to enter the fields as well as educating businesses on the benefits of women joining their data teams. Events such as MeasureCamp are one of those opportunities.  The Key to Engagement and Motivation is CommunityAccording to a recent article, one of the key steps to motivation and engagement in the field is the opportunity to actively contributed through meaningful and supportive discussion of best practices as well as the opportunity to connect with others in the field to share personal stories and network. In essence, women learn best through a community.  Female leaders who have cracked the glass ceiling in the data science space are creating opportunities in an effort to diversify education opportunities, to inspire, to engage, and to motivate data scientists of all genders. This community will, overtime, build on itself as more women gain the courage to raise their hands, rise up, take risks, and set performance metrics to meet and exceed corporate expectations.  Sharing stories and personal experiences can help build confidence through mentorship and raise collaborative efforts of diverse data teams to new heights. Every person who takes up the challenge to engage in collaboration and innovation without bias and in full equality enables future generations to make their mark as well as fill the data science vacancies which have plagued London and the UK in recent years. Changing the Conversation and Making an ImpactIn a recent interview with McElla Pappas, Vice President of Harnham, we asked her thoughts on how to engage more women in the data science field. Though Ms. Pappas is based in the US, Harnham are a global recruitment firm committed to placing top talent regardless of gender.  In her own words regarding the engagement of more women in the data science field, "The science that I've always heard is women like to see impact, to see growth so we need to shift the conversation from "this is a technical role" to "this is a role that is changing the way healthcare will look tomorrow". If we can focus and drive more women toward the messaging of what we're impacting; whether it be in the healthcare space, learning and development space, or improving customer experience, I'm sure we'll see more engagement from women."  By participating in community-driven experiences such as MeasureCamp, Girls Who Code, TechGirlz, and so on, women of all levels, ages, and experience can gain a better understanding of how to tackle barriers. The networks and connections women have naturally at their fingertips offer creative ways to leverage collaborations and utilise their natural abilities such as insight, empathy, and natural curiosity.

What Can Data and Insights Offer Wimbledon Fans?

From the World Cup to Wimbledon, London is alive with a summer of sport. With one just down the road, and the other ‘coming home’, both big events share plenty of similarities; die-hard fans, world-class athletes and, of course, a nod to the numbers. Coaches, players, and pundits have spent years analysing every stat and offering their expertise, but now artificial intelligence is providing fans with brand new tailored experiences. At the start of the start of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, we wondered if data analytics could deliver world cup glory and, with a couple more weeks to go, we’ll learn soon enough. But a little closer to home, Wimbledon is using data and insights to curate their audience’s experience… AI Offers Tailored Fan Experiences For the past few years, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) have been partnering with IBM to develop an AI experience that analyses emotions and creates instant highlights. IBM’s Watson has entered the game and will curate match highlights by recording the movements, emotions, and even noises of both players and the crowd. As Federer reaches for his 20th Grand Slam and Nadal looks to replicate his success at Roland Garros, emotions will run high, giving AI the emotional intelligence stats it seeks. This is where AI meets EI. Whilst Wimbledon will be filled with people on the grass and in the stands, the highlighted packages will be purely based on data, with zero human involvement. These are then sent to the AELTC, who will upload the clips to their website, apps, and social media accounts. What Will Watson Look For? <!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->In the crowd - any gesticulation – raised arms, fist pumping, yelling, and cheering <!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->In the players – tensions and emotions Delivered within 10 minutes, the highlights are reviewed by an editorial team who ultimately decide what gets published. From Chatbot To Storyteller, its Facebook page, and Messenger app offers offsite users the opportunity to interact with Fred, a social assistant. Named for Fred Perry, and powered by Watson, Fred operates through Facebook Messenger to allow access to tournament news and information. The original, first generation Fred, a primitive chatbot from just three years ago, could talk to people and answer questions about Wimbledon’s history, player data, or fixtures. These days, however, he can send you curated highlight packages and clips, using the vast amounts of collected data by Watson. An Optimised Digital Experience Beyond Fred, AI is working on “bringing stories to life” on the Club’s revamped website, mobile app and social platforms; the redesigned offers more adaptive capabilities whilst the app now includes an offline mode for ease of use. Their digital toolkit, however, goes far beyond fan experience. There is also a personalised website specific to the players, providing them with match schedules and offering insights into how they’re performing and what they can do better. According to Alexandra Willis, head of digital and content at the AELTC, “63 million people visited the site (via mobile) during the Championships last year alone, while 80% of users also access through a desktop.” Though the AELTC plans to continuously innovate, surprise and delight their fans, media director Mick Desmond believes its important to keep content “on brand.” By fusing quality data with advancing technologies, they can create a brand experience that is truly tailored for the individual, without losing what makes Wimbledon unique. If you’re interested in data and analytics, Harnham may have a role for you. Check out our current vacancies, call us at +44 20 8408 6070, or email us at

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