Customer Analytics Manager

Boston, Massachusetts
US$140000 - US$160000 per year

Customer Analytics Manager
Greater Boston Area
$140,000 - $160,000

One of my global clients in the Greater Boston Area is one of the most well-known name brands in CPG retail in the world. This is a brand new role that has been created to manage the customer and database analytics team, who work on advanced analytics and predictive modeling projects. You will be responsible for creating all customer KPI frameworks, measuring customer engagement with data across all channels, building predictive models in open source technologies including R and Python to predict growth and customer behaviors.

The Company:

My client is globally renowned CPG Retailer. They have been a major competitor in the market for 40+ years and are in a tremendous period of growth now. To insure they stay ahead of the curve they are looking to bring the best talent onboard.

The Role:

In this Customer Analytics Manager role, you'll be expected to have seasoned experience building advanced analytics modeling to predict customer behaviors across all channels. You will be regularly communicating and collaborating with internal stakeholders to lead on all projects and understand constraints. You will also be required to reveal customer insights through data-driven recommendations, as well as advise marketing ROI and new, innovative and data-driven strategies. Leadership experience is always looked favorably upon as you will be managing a team of 3-5.

  • Create customer segmentation and profiling models in R, Python and SQL based on sales and campaign engagement
  • Report results of customer KPI metrics and track success of strategies implemented
  • Deliver insights to internal leadership based on customer engagement
  • Leading, inspiring, and attracting top talent to continue to push the brand forward

Skills and Experience:

  • Management experience with technical teams using R, SQL, Python
  • Experience with global audiences is highly desirable due to the scope of work
  • Seasoned experience in advanced analytics, customer modeling, and segmentation including regression analysis
  • Experience managing stakeholders, both internal and external


Please register your interest by sending your resume to Allen Jackson via the Apply link on this page.


R, Python, SQL, Predictive Analytics, Regression, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Segmentation, CHAID, Cluster, KPI, Analytics, Insight, Marketing, Model, Modelling, Modell, Customer, Manager, Advanced Analytics, Retail, CPG, Forecasting, Digital, CRM, ROI, Strategy, Data-Driven

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Boston, Massachusetts
US$140000 - US$160000 per year
  1. Permanent
  2. Marketing Analyst

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Last month we sat down with Kevin Tran, a Senior Data Scientist at Stanford University, to chat about Data Science trends, improvements in the industry, and his top tips for success in the market.  As one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2019 within Data & Analytics. his thoughts on the industry regularly garner hundreds of responses, with debates and discussions bubbling up in the comments from colleagues eager to offer their input.  This online reputation has allowed him to make a name for himself, building out his own little corner of the internet with his expertise. But for Tran, it’s never been about popularity. “It’s not about the numbers,” he says without hesitation. “I don’t care about posting things just to see the number of likes go up.” His goal is always connection, to speak with others and learn from them while teaching from his own background. He’s got plenty of stories from his own experiences. For him, sharing is a powerful way to lead others down a path he himself is still discovering.  When asked about the most important lesson he’s learned in the industry, he says it all boils down to staying open to new ideas.  “You have to continue to learn, and you have to learn how to learn. If you stop learning, you’ll become obsolete pretty soon, particularly in Data Science. These technologies are evolving every day. Syntax changes, model frameworks change, and you have to constantly keep yourself updated.”  He believes that one of the best ways to do that is through open discussion. His process is to share in order to help others. When he has a realisation, he wants to set it in front of others to pass along what he’s learned; he wants to see how others react to the same problem, if they agree or see a different angle. It’s vital to consider what you needed to know at that stage. Additionally, this exchange of ideas allows Tran to learn from how others tackle the same problems, as well as get a glimpse into other challenges he may have not yet encountered.  “When I mentor people, I’m still learning, myself,” Tran confesses. “There’s so much out there to learn, you can’t know it all. Data Science is so broad." At the end of the day, it all comes down to helping each other and bringing humanity back to the forefront. In fact, this was his biggest advice for both how to improve the industry and how to succeed in it. It’s a point he comes back to with some regularity in his writing. “It doesn’t matter how smart you are, stay humble and respect everyone,” one post reads. “Everyone can teach you something you don’t know.” Treating people well, understanding their needs, and consciously working to see them as people instead of numbers or titles—this, Tran argues, is how you succeed in the business. To learn and grow, you must work with people, especially people with different skills and mindsets. Navigating your career is not all technical, even in the world of Data. “The thing that cannot be automated is having a heart,” he tells me sagely. Beyond this, Tran stresses the need for a solid foundation. The one thing you can’t afford to do is take shortcuts. You have to learn the practicalities and how to apply them, but to be strong in theory as well.  Understanding what is happening underneath the code will keep you moving forward. He compares knowing the tools to learning math with a calculator. “If you take the calculator away, you still need to be able to do the work. You need the underlying skills too, so that when you’re in a situation without the calculator, you can still provide solutions.” By constantly striving to collaborate and improve, Tran believes the Data industry has the best chance of innovating successfully.  If you’re looking for a new challenge in an innovative and collaborative environment, we may have a role for you. Take a look at our latest opportunities or get in touch with one of our expert consultants to find out more. 

Coronavirus Update: What to expect from Harnham

As we learn more about COVID-19, we want to inform you of the proactive measures Harnham have taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees, while continuing to provide the best possible service to you.  The majority of our service offering will be unaffected by the current situation. All staff are continuing to work remotely and are on hand to support you, although you may experience slight delays in communication or find our phone lines busy. In these instances, we'd ask that you contact the member of the Harnham team that you were last in contact with directly. If you need to find their details, you can contact them via their online profile. Alternatively, you can also contact us via our social media channels and directly via email to our main inbox (UK/EU and USA).  Our Operations and Technology team have been working around the clock over the past weeks to ensure that we are able to continue running processes virtually. This has ensured that we are able to provide our clients with virtual meeting spaces, alongside the opportunity to conduct video interviews and calls without the need for face to face interaction.  We are working with a number of businesses who are continuing to hire, supporting them as they begin putting in place alternative processes. We will be in contact with all candidates who are currently in any process to update on the current situation or any change to process.  If you are currently looking for a new role, all our open vacancies have been updated on our website which you can view here.  In the coming weeks our Marketing Team will be running a number of events such as webinars and online Q&A sessions. I would advise that if you are not already following us on Social Media (Twitter and LinkedIn), that you do so to ensure you don’t miss these. We are also working to provide a range of comprehensive guides covering the challenges that you may face in the current climate.  I’d also like to add, if you have yet to take part in the Harnham 2020 Salary Survey please take a moment to do so, we will be extending this for a further two weeks due to unprecedented demand. All those that take part will be the first to receive a copy of the report.  In the meantime, we're running as close to business as normal as we possibly can, and are still here to support you with any hiring or job-seeking needs. We hope that you are able to look after yourself through this trying time and we look forward to working closely together again when normality returns.  

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