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Harnham's Football Team - The Frizzles

Harnham Frizzles Football Team

Harnham’s Dream Team

Two years after first taking to the fence-ringed pitches at Newton Prep in Battersea, the mighty Frizzles of Harnham have finally found themselves a genuine title contending team. While admittedly still capable of the odd blunderous defeat, there is a quiet confidence that the Frizzles are on a steady season-by-season rise to a climactic championship win. Indeed, so far we’ve been involved in numerous finals, we’ve been top of the league for weeks on end, had emphatic wins against table-toppers and ground out victories over the more stubborn sides. Equally, Harnham’s Frizzles have tasted most bitter defeats, from play-off despair to out and out thrashings. Yes - we’ve been through it all. We’ve been sublime if we’ve been woeful. We’ve tried tiki-taka and played long ball, we’ve been ultra defensive one week and gung-ho, all out attack the next. Fortunately, of late we’ve been experiencing more highs than lows, more big wins than embarrassing defeats and more drinks spilled in celebration than drowned in sorrow. This is thanks in no small part to some of the traits that define us as recruiters - resilience, persistence, an ability to solve problems and a competitiveness that drives our will to win. Perhaps our added competitive advantage is the camaraderie that's fostered so well at Harnham. Every week we look forward to playing ball with Harnham on our chest and our hearts on our sleeves. Playing with the Frizzles is something to look forward to every Tuesday and it's also a hot topic of conversation throughout the week. As problem solvers, we're constantly look for ways to improve and to reinvent ourselves in our bid to claim our first league title. Each week new systems, strategies and formations are cooked up by way of passionate discussion in Harnham’s local watering hole (to which we owe our namesake - The Old Frizzle of Wimbledon). New players are always welcome too, as we strive to soon claim our first ever championship.