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Flexibility The Key To Keeping Candidates

I truly believe that we have gone way past the days of rigid hiring and internal office politics. One thing that I always stress to hiring managers and companies alike is how successful promoting flexible working during a hiring campaign can be.

Recently, I advertised Senior Credit Risk Manager position with a start up that is renowned for is flexible working culture - I highlighted this in my description and people mentioned it to me as a reason that they had been interested in the role.

They were candidates that had been looking and reading job specs day to day  but had been less inclined to get in touch on other roles because these cultural style benefits weren't mentioned.

I do appreciate that flexible working takes trust for managers, it takes breaking the mould and the rigidity of internal working policies - but I truly believe that it is a key piece of the work to be done to break through the shortage of talented candidates in this market. 

Credit Roxanne Abercrombie - The 5 ‘F’ words of successful hiring

Charlie Waterman
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