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Employee Profiles - Sabine Odfjell

Sabine Odfjell - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Sabine Odfjell

Sabine joined Harnham in November 2016 and was promoted to SRC in June 2017, our fastest promotion to date!

Q: You joined a cold desk when you started as a graduate, what surprised you about the role?

How much ownership and responsibility I was given from the get go. I am trusted and free to do my work how I want and I feel that’s how I’ve been able to get the results I have. I can ask for assistance when I need it but don’t feel like I’m being told how to do it all the time.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Harnham?

The atmosphere and culture, it really stood out to me from other businesses and working here it feels exactly how it was presented to me.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the job?


Q: What do you remember most from your career in recruitment thus far?

I had a deal where the candidate accepted and was then counter-offered 15,000 more than the offer I got them. I knew that the job that they had accepted through me was right for their long term career and so worked with them for a few days really talking it through – and they ended up sticking to their decision to work for my client. It felt like a real achievement! 

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