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Employee Profiles - Ewan Dunbar

Ewan Dunbar - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Ewan Dunbar

Ewan joined us as a graduate in 2015, having completed his degree and spent some time travelling he’d heard lots of about recruitment and wanted to get involved.

Q: When you joined us, you’d heard lots about life as a recruiter, what surprised you about the job?

I was mostly pleasantly surprised by the culture at Harnham, I had heard some negative’s about what recruitment companies could be like and whilst I felt I had a great feel for Harnham – you never know! The people I work with are my friends, we go out after work and I seem them at the weekends.

It was also great to see the earning potential that was promised actually happen!

Q: What do you enjoy most about it?

Honestly, the earning potential is great – I’m making much more than the friends I graduated with. What’s more is that I get to place high calibre candidates into high calibre clients – it’s really satisfying getting people great jobs.

Q: When you joined us, you had a number of final interviews – why did you choose Harnham?

I was interviewed by Partners so I was really bought into the business and had a great experience through the process.

The commission structure is also great.

Q: What’s the best thing that’s happened so far?

Doing my first deal in 30% commission was memorable!

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