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Employee Profiles - Charlie Waterman

Charlie Waterman - Internal Recruiter 

Charlie Waterman

"Charlie joined Harnham in 2014 as an Account Executive, after a number of years supporting the recruitment and placing candidates into our biggest clients she moved into a new function at Harnham. She now manages our UK and EU Internal Recruitment team and is tasked with finding the best talent for Harnham.
Q: Thinking back to your original role within our sales team, what surprised you about the job?
Initially, I remember being surprised at just how many voicemails it was possible to leave in one day, I did question if anyone answered the phone! After that, I remember thinking that it was incredible to be trusted so much as someone junior in the business - a few months into my role I was sitting at a table with three Heads of Analytics talking about their hiring strategy.
Q: What did you enjoy most about your sales focused role within Corporate Accounts?
Again, I would say it had to be the level of engagement with the businesses Harnham are partnered with. I was frequently in front of senior stakeholders at some of the UK’s largest brands, and what’s more is that I really felt like I was adding value to the conversations –  because of the niche that we recruit into, I was able to provide helpful commentary to both hiring managers and candidates alike.
Q: What about now, you manage the Internal Recruitment for the UK and EU – what’s the best part of it?
Having worked here since I started as a graduate I’ve been through the process that many people that I recruit have been through and so I definitely feel a lot more engaged with the people I talk to. I’m also really passionate about trying to ensure that people see what life is like here through content and social media so that’s definitely a fun part of my job as well.
Q: What do you enjoy most about Harnham?
Harnham has grown significantly since I joined but one thing that hasn’t changed is the way that the business feels day to day – I’m lucky to have worked closely with the Partners throughout my career here and I have always felt invested in from day one. More recently, when I was talking about where I wanted to take my career next, opportunities were offered to me to fulfil those desires – I knew that this wasn’t the norm!
Q: What’s has been your favourite memory from your time at Harnham thus far?
It would definitely be the second winners trip I went on to Miami – it was one of those weekends that reminded me why I had worked hard. Sitting at the pool in 30 degree weather when the rest of the team were sitting in the office with a cocktail in hand felt particularly good!

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