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Data Innovation Summit 2018

This year’s Data Innovation Summit was both bigger and better, but why?

Harnham have had the pleasure of sponsoring and exhibiting at the annual Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm for two consecutive years and we have seen some interesting changes in the market over the last twelve months.

Last year the summit was all about barriers to data innovation, which at the time felt like a very relevant and accurate topic to address based on how the market was feeling, experiencing and dealing with the new challenges faced in a more data-driven landscape. Working innovatively with data was still new for many and the eagerness to learn was fascinating, even if our research poll during the 2017 summit clearly demonstrated that the major barriers to data innovation were stakeholder buy-in, budget, and availability of data and technology. So, what changed?

This year was more sophisticated, and people were ready for it!

Data-Driven Innovation, Data Management, implementation of Analytics and Data Science capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, IOT insight, and technology – all hot topics that attendees were ready to explore in greater depth than ever. People came with higher expectations, questions and more clearly defined challenges from their own workplaces that required new insights to help drive solutions. So how did we get there?

The importance of investing in data and analytics recourses has proven not only to be something stakeholders talk about, but a strategy that has actually been executed after all. Harnham Nordics had the pleasure of consulting and growing the analytics teams of numerous organisations across a wide range of industries and the fact remains that data teams are developing into key hubs within organisations steering business innovation. Data Engineers, Data Scientists, BI Developers and Analysts are working closely together in agile environments and creating value not individually, but together as a unit.

For Harnham to continue supporting the successful growth of the Data and Analytics community, we gathered further insights during the 2018 summit on how to Engage, Motive and Retain the best talent in the field! We are delighted to be able to share those results with you.



Which relationships do you value the most?

Which has been the most important reason for the successful execution of data projects at your company?

  • People who most value line managers and senior stakeholders are nearly half as likely to attribute fluid teams, rather attributing 30% to support from senior management

  • People who most value customers and clients attribute success to fluid teams and co-operation

On a scale of 1 - 10, how important is your companies pension policy to you?

  • Average of 6.1 out of 10

On a scale of 1 - 10, how important is flexi-time to you?

  • Average of 8.5 out of 10

  • Age makes no real difference to desire for flexible working

What is the first thing you ask a recruiter when contacted about a role?

How does the leadership team in your current company keep their staff engaged?

What is the main reason your workplace has been able to keep you motivated at work?

Do you have a clear understanding of your career or promotion path?

  • Those who do have a clear understanding of career path are twice as likely to be motivated by a fast paced and changing environment

What is your age?