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Harnham has been supporting businesses from start-ups to SME’s to Blue chip organisations for over 11 years. We have the largest network of Data & Analytics contractors globally and are uniquely placed to offer a tailored solution across the UK, EU and US whatever your hiring needs are.

Harnham Data Science Jobs
Harnham’s tailored approach means we are able to deliver best in class contractors every time. Whether it’s entire project teams or just filling in the gaps, we have a solution to fit your requirements.

Why use Harnham Contract Solutions?

Critical Project Deadlines
Harnham’s vast network of contractors can be deployed quickly avoiding lengthy interview processes and notice periods. By adopting best practices from previous organisations our contractors will integrate into your business effortlessly allowing you to deliver projects faster.

Specialist Expertise
It is not uncommon for a project to require additional skillsets to cover for missing staff, expertise not found within your company, a change in your organisational structure or simply to keep up with the rate of new technology. As Harnham cover the entire data and analytics landscape whilst operating in market verticals our contractors are experts in their field and with little or no training will be able to plug holes across your organisation from a single analyst to entire project teams.

Short term contracts offer an important option to businesses needing a flexible workforce. Harnham often work with companies to support seasonal spikes and product launches providing a fast turnaround of contractors. We have also seen a shift towards ‘try before you buy’ where contractors begin on short term contracts and build up to full time positions.

Small Budgets, Big Results
It is a myth that contracting is an expensive hiring solution. In fact it is often the most cost effective. During the recruitment process there are no upfront fees to Harnham and once hired, benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, holiday pay, legal risks and training do not need to be considered. Contractors often have their own equipment and can work from home so the cost of setting up a member of staff in an office space can be avoided too.

Along with the lower upfront costs it is the ability for an employer to only pay a contractor to do a specific job over a specific amount of time that means there is no wastage of budget.

What Sets us Apart?

  • Our recruiters operate in specific disciplines and have a wealth of technical knowledge so you will never waste time educating a recruiter who is unfamiliar with a market 

  • Deep networks and our global talent pools allow Harnham’s recruiters to access exclusive contract talent that can often start within 24 hours 

  • Harnham will always provide a fair market rate as opposed to inflated consulting firm fees 

  • You will have a dedicated account manager who will take the time to understand your company’s culture and intricacies of the job role to ensure all contractors thrive in your business from day one

If you would like to discuss how Harnham can help you with your contract needs please get in touch with our specialists below:

Mark Bremer   


Mark Bremer
+44 20 3587 7522 

 Alex Hutchings  


Alex Hutchings
+44 20 3587 7518

McElla Pappas   


McElla Pappas
+1 415 660 4979